Terms for Prizes and Giveaways

From time to time, Nola Lorraine will offer prizes and giveaways to newsletter subscribers and/or those who comment on blog posts. The winner will be decided by a random draw unless otherwise stated. The conditions of entry are as follows:

Giveaways Associated with Blog Posts

Sometimes a giveaway will be drawn from those who comment on a blog post. The instructions on the post will specify whether the entrant has to simply make a comment, answer a question, or comment on a particular topic.

All eligible entrants will be assigned a number in the order in which they comment, the first person 1, the second person 2, and so on. If the same person comments more than once, only their first will be entered into the draw.

A random number generator will be used to select the winner from among the eligible entries.

To be eligible, a participant must (a) correctly follow the instructions given in the blog post and (b) submit their comment by the designated deadline. Those directly involved in the giveaway (e.g. Nola Lorraine, guest blogger, publisher), and their immediate family members, are not eligible for the prize. For this purpose, immediate family members include spouse, children, parents, and siblings. Prizes that require postage will  be restricted to entrants with an Australian postal address. If applicable, this will be stated in the blog post.

Nola Lorraine will email the winner immediately after the draw to obtain appropriate contact details so they can receive their prize. If the winner does not respond to the email within one week of being notified, another random draw will be conducted to decide a new winner. Winners should receive their prize within one month of being notified of their win. If not, they should contact Nola Lorraine through the contact form on the website.

The winner’s name will be published in the next edition of Nola Lorraine’s newsletter and on the Nola Lorraine Facebook page.¬†

Exclusive Giveaways for Newsletter Subscribers

Occasionally, I’ve have a giveaway that is only available for my newsletter subscribers. The instructions will be contained in the relevant newsletter. To enter those giveaways, you would usually need to send an email in reply to the newsletter and answer a question. The same procedure for random draws will be followed as described above, with entrants numbered according to the order in which their emails are received. The other conditions described in the above section also apply.