Welcome to the ‘Subscribers Only’ Section of my website. In this space, I will mainly post links to articles or blogs that relate to my novel Scattered or to the new one I’m currently working on. I’ll include things like deleted scenes, the story behind the story, quizzes about the book, and other interesting snippets. As such, it’s probably most relevant for people who’ve read Scattered and there will sometimes be spoilers. However, I’ll mark these on the articles so those who haven’t read the novel can decide whether or not to proceed. I’ll add more content over time. I hope you enjoy these insider scoops (and thank you for not sharing this link, as I want to keep it just for my newsletter subscribers). Enjoy!

Click on the heading above to read the deleted Christmas scenes from Chapter 4 of Scattered. (These scenes involve some mild spoilers. As it’s early in the novel, however, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for those who haven’t read the book.)