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If you’ve checked out my blog this year, you would have found lots of author interviews, but not many of my own posts. However, I have been blogging up a storm on other sites, and I thought I’d put the links here in case you missed them.

Australasian Christian Writers Website

Christian Writers Downunder Website

Book Reviews

Did you know that I’ve written more than 400 book reviews on Goodreads over the last few years? Nor did I until I looked it up just now!

If you’d like to see my reviews, just go to the Nola Lorraine page on Goodreads, and click on the ‘review’ tab under my photo. That will take you to a whole list of my reviews. To narrow it down, you can click on the categories in the left-hand margin on that page.

What's Next?

Looking back over the year, I’m happy with all of the author interviews I’ve done on my own site and also the guest blogs I’ve done for ACW and CWD. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the author interviews, you’ll find a lot more there than just a discussion of their books. We’ve touched on a lot of social issues and also looked at writing topics like inspiration, productivity, research and much more. I so appreciate all of the authors who generously gave of their time to answer my curly questions and offered books as giveaways.

However, all of that blogging and interviewing has left me with less time to write content for my own site and make progress on my own writing projects. (Okay, well my own procrastination may also have been a factor, but let’s not go there.) Next year, I’ll be cutting back the number of author interviews and guest blogs I do, so that I can focus a bit more on my own writing. At least that’s the plan – LOL

Watch this space!

And thank you to everyone who has commented on any of my posts this year. I appreciate your encouragement more than you know.

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